OGC AR Summit | Nottingham, UK | September 17, 2015

Date of Event:

Sep 17 2015


Nottingham, UK


The OGC AR Summit will be conducted at the British Geological Society Environmental Science Center
Nicker Hill,
NG12 5GG 
United Kingdom.

Overview of event

Members of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the community of people seeking to advance work towards open and interoperable AR will meet on September 17, 2015 in Nottingham (UK) at the British Geological Society in conjunction with the Nottingham OGC TC meeting.

Meeting Goals

The purpose of the OGC Augmented Reality Summit is to promote discussion among ecosystem stakeholders for the development of open and interoperable AR content and experiences. We will:

  • Discover new barriers to data preparation, integration and interoperability for Augmented Reality viewing and discuss strategies to minimize their impacts
  • Learn of continuing and newly initiated activities relevant to open and interoperable AR  and
  • Discuss challenges to data preparation and integration for AR visualization which may be addressed via existing, new or emerging standards.  

To Participate in the OGC AR Summit

The OGC AR Summit is open to all individuals and organizations that seek to better understand the role of standards in development of Augmented Reality. Those planning to participate in the September 2015 OGC AR Summit should review the documentation of past meetings found via this page (go to “Past Events” table and find AR Community Meetings). Joining the mailing lists for the community is also highly recommended.

While this is an open meeting, advanced registration is recommended (see the next section).

If you seek to make a short presentation during the OGC AR Summit, please complete the speaker submission form prior to Close of Business Wednesday September 2, 2015. 


To participate in the OGC AR Summit, complete the online registration form.


For planning purposes, the draft AR summit agenda appears in the table.

Time Topics Speakers
8:00-8:30 AM Introductions Host and participants
8:30 AM-9:30 AM How can AR use cases serve emerging and existing OGC standards groups? OGC members and participants
9:45 AM-10:45 AM New and emerging barriers to Augmented Reality Invited speakers and participants
10:45 AM- 11:45 AM Discussion and development of action plans OGC members and participants
11:45 AM – 12 PM Summary and close Chairs

The draft agenda of the AR Summit will be updated to reflect accepted talks on September 4, 2015.


The OGC AR Summit will be conducted at the British Geological Society Environmental Science Center Nicker Hill, Keyworth, Nottingham  NG12 5GG United Kingdom.

Meeting Host

The OGC AR Summit host is the British Geological Society in conjunction with the Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Committee Meeting.


Meeting sessions and documents will be in English.

All notifications to participants will be made on this web page, to the AR Community Announcements mailing list, LinkedIn, OGC mailing lists and as well as on relevant blogs and industry mailing lists.

OGC AR Summit Co-chairs

If you wish to provide assistance to the community meetings and chair one or more sessions, please notify Christine Perey, chair.

Important Dates

Date                                    Event

 29 June 2015 Summit announced by OGC
24 August 2015 Draft agenda published
2 September 2015 Deadline for topic submissions
4 September 2015 Final agenda published
17 September 2015 Meeting opens at 8:00 AM
17 September 2015 Meeting closes at 12:00 PM

Comments or Questions?

Please address all comments and questions regarding the September 2015 OGC AR Summit via e-mail to Christine Perey, chair.

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