Merging IoT, AI and AR: Foundations, Drivers, Challenges and Recommendations

Date of Event:

Sep 11 2019


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8-9 am Pacific
11-12 am Eastern
4-5 pm UK BST

Overview of event

New, highly sophisticated tools make it possible to mine the data gathered in real-time from connected spaces and machines, to analyze these data with Machine Learning technologies and, based on predictive algorithms, to provide unprecedented levels of support to workers while they perform their tasks. The 5th AREA-directed research project explored the foundations for this convergence of IoT, AI and AR, assessed the impacts and challenges for convergence, and makes recommendations for those working to bring together IoT, AI and AR in the workplace.

This AREA Research Committee webinar will provide the results of the fifth AREA-directed research project focusing on IoT, AI and AR. In this project, IoT is the foundation of the data sensing and exchanging layer, AI is the engine of the analytical layer, and AR is fundamental to the visualization and decision support layer.


During this webinar, the lead researcher on this project, Saverio Romeo, will:

– Introduce a complete architectural view of the convergence of IoT-AI-AR, including technological layers and their components,

– Shed light on the business drivers of the convergence of IoT-AI-AR,

– Present the results of an in-depth analysis of use cases for IoT-AI-AR,

– Describe the vendor ecosystem at the convergence of IoT-AI-AR, and

– Provide, based on a deep assessment of the conditions which should be met for successfully addressing the challenges at the convergence of IoT, AI and AR, recommendations for AREA members.

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There is no charge for this webinar.

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This is an online webinar. Please use the links provided to register.

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