LiveWorx Series Work Methods Changing the Workplace Episode 1

Date of Event:

Mar 25 2021


This is an online event



Overview of event

Leaders must equip their workforce no matter their working environment. In this first episode, you’ll learn about the skills, and collaboration tools like SaaS and AR, that empower people to work together in new, unexpected ways across any boundary. You will also see examples of how collaboration has driven success and sparked innovation to meet demands in the wake of COVID-19.


This is episode one taking place March 25th 2021. See further information online and register here 


Topics Covered

  • Augmented Reality
  • Collaboration
  • Empowering a Remote Workforce
  • Empowering Frontline Workers
  • Future of Work
  • Knowledge Distribution
  • Product Development
  • Remote Collaboration
  • SaaS
  • Worker Agility
  • Worker Safety

Registration and Fees

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