Laval Virtual | Laval, France | March 21-27, 2016

Date of Event:

Mar 21-27 2016


Laval, France


Salle Polyvalente, Place de Hercé
53000 Laval France

Overview of event

Laval Virtual is a non-profit regional business development group that promotes technology innovation and entrepreneurship in the region of the Loire Valley.

This year, the group is producing Laval Virtual 2016, a seven-day annual conference and exhibition that showcases innovations within the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Thousands of professionals from over 40 countries will be in attendance at this year’s 18th annual event, which offers seminars, round tables, workshops, startup contests and awards.

Besides Augmented and Virtual Reality, the show also prominently features:

  • Internet of Things and wearables
  • Capture 360°, 3D scan and motion capture
  • Immersive solutions
  • Projection mapping and 3D interactive
  • Drones and robotics

March 21 & 22: Laval Virtual Seminar

Laval Virtual kicks off the event with a two-day seminar focusing on:

  • Brainstorming visions for AR and VR in the future
  • Creation of a road map for the future of AR and VR

The outcome will be the five-year “Laval Virtual Roadmap 2016 for Technologies and Future Uses,” produced by the participants. The roadmap is further refined during the workshops of the following two-day VRIC 2016 conference.

Laval Virtual Seminar participants will include international researchers and representatives from Augmented Reality customer and provider companies. The executive director of the AREA will also participate in the seminar.

For more information on the Laval Virtual Seminar, please consult the FAQ.

The AREA Executive Director, Christine Perey, will participate in the Laval Virtual Seminar.

March 23 & 24: VRIC 2016

VRIC is a two-day conference featuring meetings, workshops and round table discussions for technology professionals.

Wednesday, March 23

Laval Virtual will host:

  • Keynote presentations by 20 featured speakers from research institutions and industry on their vision for new technologies and future uses. Christine Perey, executive director of the AREA,will present “The Future of Work with Augmented Reality” beginning at 12:20 PM on March 23, 2016.
  • A draft of the “Laval Virtual Roadmap 2026,” created during the preceding two-day seminar, will also be presented.
  • The first part of the Laval Awards Ceremony, presented by an international panel of specialists to competitors with highly technical and unique projects. The AREA will present an award for best enterprise Augmented Reality Project in 2015.

Thursday, March 24

Conference attendees are invited to participate in six workshops (conference sessions) on the following topics:

  • Simulation & Training
  • Leisure & Art
  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Industry Future & New Uses
  • Improving Health & Quality of Life
  • Avatars & Virtual Bodies

150 technology experts are expected to attend the workshops with the purpose of refining the draft “Laval Virtual Roadmap 2016.”

A series of round table discussions will also be held throughout the day on technology topics ranging from media and journalism to agri-food and nutrition.

Christine Perey, executive director of the AREA, will host a round table session on enterprise AR uses from 10 AM to 12:o0 PM on March 24, 2016 in Lounge 2.

Finally, the second part of the Laval Awards Ceremony, presented by an international panel of specialists to contestants with highly technical and unique projects, will take place at the end of the day.

March 25: Final Conference Day

The final series of round table panel discussions will be held throughout the day on technology topics such as Augmented and Virtual Reality training in industry.

The outcome of the six workshops from the previous day will be presented, as well as the complete version of the “Laval Virtual Roadmap 2016.” During the afternoon, a special session on “Real Virtuality” will be presented.

March 26-27: Open Exhibitor Days

During the weekend, exhibitions and animations in the New Tech and Virtual Sectors will be open to the general public. Please consult the Laval Virtual webpage for details.

Participating AREA Members

AREA members DAQRI,  DIOTA3D Studio Blomberg and Talent Swarm will be present and exhibiting.


Click here to view the full program and workshops available.

Why AREA Members Attend this Event

Laval Virtual is the largest annual conference and trade show dedicated to the use of 3D models in Virtual and Augmented Reality for professional and consumer applications. AREA members can meet partners and manufacturers that are seeking more information, and establish business relationships with Augmented Reality technology providers. Members looking to pilot or deploy 3D AR can meet with professionals who have experience that may be valuable to AREA. The organizers of Laval Virtual are offering special attendance and exhibition discounts to AREA members in good standing.

Registration and Fees

To register for the event, click here. For a full listing of registration rates, click here.


Salle Polyvalente, Place de Hercé
53000 Laval France

Access and Accommodations

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For accommodation, please visit the Laval Tourist Office.

Comments or Questions?

For any comments or questions, please contact the Laval Virtual Team at:  +33 (0)2 43 49 75 13

Laval Virtual Campus

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