Laval Virtual | Laval, France | April 9-13

Date of Event:

Apr 9-13 2014


Laval, France


Overview of event

This five-day event attracts over 15,000 participants, including consumers, for the following special features:

  • Professional Tradeshow: More than 100 companies (computer manufacturers, software vendors, solution developers and 3D interactive content creators of special effects) exhibit in this tradeshow.
  • VRIC (Virtual Reality International Conference): This conference attracts researchers in AR and VR from around the world to share the results of their work.
  • Professional Briefings and Meetings: Led by recognized experts in their field, exclusive exhibitor theatres and briefing rooms are located at the heart of the show.
  • The Area Startups: Innovative projects and companies are highlighted in a dedicated space. There is a contest with prizes awarded to the most important projects and startup of the year.
  • Virtual Fantasy (in partnership with IVRC): Students compete to make new applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality interfaces with the latest tools and technologies on the market.
  • Laval Virtual Awards: The awards recognize the world’s best achievements of the year. They are awarded by an international jury of experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

 Why do AREA members attend this event?

  • Laval Virtual is the largest annual conference and tradeshow dedicated to the use of 3D models in Virtual and Augmented Reality for professional and consumer applications. While the majority of the talks and papers are about research, the results of these research projects are of interest to AR professionals seeking to deploy 3D AR in enterprise. There are also many medical and urban 3D projects that choose to showcase their achievements at this event.
  • Providers: AREA members can meet partners and manufacturers that are seeking more information and to establish business relationships with Augmented Reality technology providers. Since many of the presenters are academic, commercial vendors offering mature products are highly sought out.
  • Customers: AREA members looking to pilot or deploy 3D AR can meet with professionals who have experience that may be valuable to AREA. This is an excellent event at which to find some prospective, young employees right out of university and eager to take on new challenges in your company.

If you have been to Laval Virtual and would like to meet other AREA members planning to attend, contact us and we will connect you.

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