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IoT India

Date of Event:

Dec 4-5 2018


New Delhi, India


The Ashok
New Delhi

Overview of event

The IoT India 2018 Conference is an endeavor to explore emerging manufacturing practices, upcoming technologies, automation and Industry 4.0 rooting in India as these aspects are bound to play a significant role in this stairway to the future. It attempts to address some key issues and evaluate why and how they impact the competitiveness and would help sustainability of the Indian manufacturing.

IoT India 2018 aims to bring fresh insights from real world experiences and dive deep into the ongoing issues that call for industry-wide efforts and collaboration; while also stirring its audience towards adoption of IoT in Manufacturing. Riding on IoT Asia’s success, IoT India will highlight key areas critical to the development and the future growth of IoT adoption in Smart Manufacturing in India.


The Conference programme has been curated in collaboration with Samarth Udyog, an initiative by the Government of India, that bridges the awareness and actual technology gap to enable Indian companies to participate and play an important role on the global stage of manufacturing.

Registration and Fees

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Location and Travel

The Ashok

New Delhi


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