Global AI Hackathon 2017 | Global | June 23 – 25, 2017

Date of Event:

Jun 23-25 2017




Overview of event

Global AI Hackathon 2017 is a weekend of concurrent events in 11 different locations across the globe. Each event offers a technical challenge for teams to tackle, prototype and find solutions to real world problems.

Locations include New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing, Tokyo, Vancouver, Casablanca, Munich, San Francisco and Seattle.

Challenges will be announced globally during the kickoff of the event, and attendees can pick one of the challenges to work on either by themselves or with a team. After two days of hacking and prototyping, teams have the option to showcase their projects on stage. Your local audience will pick three winners, one for each challenge, with prizes to be determined.


Global AI Hackathon is initiated by Hackathon

Comments or Questions?

You can send comments or queries to the local organizers in each location

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