Future Oil and Gas: Where business meets innovation

Date of Event:

Jun 12-13 2018


Aberdeen, Scotland


Robert Gordon University

Overview of event

Senior executives from oil and gas operators, service providers, contractors and related suppliers, technology innovators and industry experts will meet in Aberdeen on 12-13 June to discuss the disruptive innovation and emerging processes that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry. How should we respond to the technologies and market trends that are impacting the sector?

At the first Future Oil & Gas conference in London, oil and gas industry leaders discussed disruptive innovation other emerging trends that are shaping the future of the industry

Take a look at the event write-up here: www.futureoilgas.com/post-conference

Why should you attend this year’s Future Oil & Gas conference ?

As the Oil and Gas industry adjusts to the ‘lower for longer’ oil price, hopes are turning to digitalisation as a solution for clawing back profits.

The promises have been ambitious. A recent BCG report estimates that disruptive digital technologies have the potential to speed up industrial productivity by 30% in the next decade. But how can the industry lay down a practical path forward to realise these benefits?

At Future Oil & Gas you will gain new insights into:

  • Making practical use of machine learning, augmented reality, 3D printing, drones and artificial intelligence as an economic imperative
  • Digitalising and integrating the value chain: working smarter, at lower costs
  • Transforming your company culture to support agile innovation and create acceptance of new digital ways of working
  • Collaborating with start-ups, smaller tech providers and universities on new technologies, systems and innovation projects

The conference is a meeting of the minds of senior managers from operator companies, oilfield services, contractors, consultancies and technology firms – all gathered to share how we can move forward together, leveraging the opportunities to build a more agile, future proof and profitable industry.


Where business meets innovation

Senior executives from oil and gas operators, service companies, technology suppliers and industry experts will meet at the annual Future Oil & Gas conference to examine the disruptive innovation and emerging processes that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, we are now poised for a second digital age that could further reduce costs, unleash unparalleled productivity, and boost performance significantly—if executives can harness the right technologies to support their business strategy. Making better use of existing technology can deliver serious returns: according to McKinsey up to $1 billion in cost savings or production increases.  Executives that make their organisations more digital will be well positioned to pursue new growth opportunities.

Who attends Future Oil & Gas

  • C-level managers: CEO, Group CEO, CTO, CDO, CFO and Heads of Strategy and Technology
  • Oil & Gas operators, NOCs
  • Service providers, contractors and related suppliers
  • Technology innovators
  • Investors
  • Consultants and strategic change managers
  • Academics, R&D professionals, industry experts

Registration and Fees

1 x delegate pass starts at £999 +VAT.

Take a look at the registration site for more details.

Location and Travel

Robert Gordon University,



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