Free Webinar Series: The Road to Virtual & Augmented Adoption. Session 2. Theorem-XR for Industrial Design Review

Date of Event:

Feb 17 2021





Overview of event

The Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project is running a series of online events looking at practical applications of Virtual & Augmented Reality, how they can be applied and bring benefit to manufacturing and industrial contexts.


Throughout the series we’ll be joined by major solutions providers who will bring their experience and insights into successful strategies and adoption, as well as demonstrating authoring ‘tools’ and real-world case studies.


“Any CAD, Any Device, Anywhere and Anyone – Theorem-XR for Industrial Design Review” Wednesday Feb 17th 10.00 – 11.00 am

The Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project are joined by Theorem Solutions who will give insights into their experience in VR and AR (XR) planning, delivery and integration. They will demo a case study built on their industry standard Enterprise platform Theorem-XR, demonstrating how CAD can be optimized and authored for cross platform delivery to support seamless design review.

All sessions are free and include the opportunity for Q&A.

If you are a SME in the North East who is a manufacturer or intends to manufacture, find out more about SAM Project and register your interest for fully funded support at or email

The event will be held on Zoom and a link sent out shortly, following reghistration.

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