Enterprise AR Interoperability and Standards

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Oct 9 2019


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Overview of event

One source of detours and delays to AR deployment in large enterprises is the emergence and consolidation of closed, proprietary technology silos. Closed technology silos, regardless of the business model of their providers, allow one company to define a vertically-integrated stack, suite, or system of components such that developments are entirely under the control of the provider. The provider decides when and how much investment is in the total system or in any part.

Interoperability of data and components with which to deploy AR features in enterprise IT are key requirements for large customers in many industries, but they are currently unmet. To offset the risk of closed AR technology silos delaying or controlling the future investment into AR, stakeholders must take steps to accelerate the emergence and success of open and interoperable AR.

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During this webinar, Christine Perey (PEREY Research & Consulting, and chair of the AREA Research Committee), will introduce the drivers for interoperability and provide the current status of activities in five Standards Development Organizations. A panel discussion with experts in interoperability and standards, and members will answer questions including:

– what are the incentives for AR technology providers to develop open and interoperable AR products, services and solutions?

– why are there so many standards, which are the most important and how should the customer or provider of AR technology choose/support specific standards?

– what roles do SDOs perform in achieving interoperability?

– how can enterprise AR ecosystem stakeholders participate in the definition of requirements and development of standards?

– how have standards been adopted in related or contiguous industries that can serve as models for the enterprise AR domain?

With the following subject matter experts and members:

– Neil Trevett, Khronos Group

– Scott Simmons, Open Geospatial Consortium

– Greg Garrett, Boeing

– Carl Byers, Contextere

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This is an online webinar. Please use the links provided to register.

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