Laval Virtual | Laval, France | April 8-12, 2015

Date of Event:

Apr 8-12 2015


Laval, France


Laval Virtual will be held in the Salle Polyvalente in Laval, France.

Place de Hercé
53000 Laval

Overview of event

Since 1999, Laval Virtual has been the event of reference for presenting innovations, technologies and uses of virtual reality in industry, medicine, training and marketing. Since 2013, the event encompasses Augmented Reality, Mixed and Virtual Reality.

Over 4,900 professional visitors, 125 exhibitors, 100 journalists and 10,000 from the general public convened at Laval Virtual in 2014.



The 2015 Laval Virtual professional and academic sessions on April 8-10, 2015 include:

  • Academic and Scientific conference (VRIC)
  • Business meetings
  • Awards program
  • Round tables
  • Workshops
  • Student competition
  • ReVolution competition

On April 11-12 2015 the exhibition halls will be open for general public visitors.

Registration and Fees

Online general public registration is free and open until March 4, 2015. Onsite registration fee is €50.

Professional and academic registration fee depends on number of days and other optional programs.


Laval Virtual will be held in the Salle Polyvalente in Laval, France.

Place de Hercé
53000 Laval

Access and Accommodations

By car

From Paris: Two hours and thirty minutes (A81 motorway, exit No. 3)
From Rennes: 45 minutes
From Nantes: Two hours

By train

Train service is available to Laval. Special shuttles will provide transportation from Laval train station to the exhibition on Wednesday, April 8, Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10, 2015.


Important Dates

Laval Virtual takes place April 8 to 12, 2015. The exclusive “professional days” run April 8 to 10. Access requires presentation of a name badge or an e-invitation together with proof such as a business card.

Comments or Questions?

For more information send e-mail to or call +33 2 43 49 75 13.

Enterprise AR Round Table Discussions

Round Table 1

From Training to Maintenance, VR and AR’s Additional Uses
The use of Virtual Reality in teaching and training is no longer a new, ground-breaking concept. Simulations are used regularly to save both time and money by allowing scenarios to be consistently reproduced. Some are going further by combining Virtual and Augmented Reality to aid the transition from training to real-life situations.
The Importance of Touch and Sound in Teaching and Training Simulations
Training and teaching simulations often focus on perfecting visual representations but the other senses are just as important, with touch and hearing being particularly vital to the learning and memory processes. This round table will provide an overview of current technology and best practices.

Round Table 2

Mastering the Complexity of Commercial Vehicles Using Virtual and Augmented Reality
Commercial vehicles are becoming more and more complex and require continuous collaboration between the multidisciplinary teams that are involved in their design, use and maintenance. This round table will discuss several examples of Virtual and Augmented Reality use during the various stages of the commercial vehicle life-cycle.
Private and Professional Driving Assisted by Augmented Reality—Review and Prospects
How can we help drivers optimize their private and professional journeys in a world increasingly  overloaded with information? From glasses and headsets to windscreens, each day brings more news about how Augmented Reality can be used to assist driving. But which devices can we actually use and what can we expect from them? And what if, ultimately, all haulage vehicles were to become automated?
Round Table 3
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Communications: How to Choose the Right Technology and Use for the Right Customer Interaction?
The number of communication operations using Virtual and Augmented Reality has been growing for years. We can now look back at the results and study how the technology has fuelled customer interaction. This round table will provide a review of the best practices and redefine the notion of ‘return on investment.’
Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to Increase and Ignite Commercial Sales
Several years ago, ‘traditional’ commerce came up against the eruption of online shopping. Nowadays we talk about ‘cross-channel’ sales with customers still visiting physical shops. However these customers are expecting more and more from the buying experience and the intelligent use of Virtual and Augmented Reality can increase a point of sale’s added value.


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