Augmented Reality in Lisbon (RALI) | Lisbon, Portugal | Dec. 11, 2015

Date of Event:

Dec 11 2015


Lisbon, Portugal


Campo Grande 376

University of Lusophona
1749-024 Lisbon

Overview of event

IT People Innovation, a technology consulting company based in Portugal, is hosting its second annual meeting about Augmented Reality (or RALI: Augmented Reality in Lisbon) on December 11. As with the first RALI event last year, the conference will showcase the best of Augmented Reality in Portugal, staging international speakers and hands-on demos of products in partnership with CINE & Video EXPO, an association of Lusophone University and Cineguia Portugal that promotes cooperation between business and film professionals.


The second RALI meeting will be held in partnership with Past Alive, a company dedicated to generating awareness of history through historical enactments and simulations.

During the morning of the one-day meeting, participants will try on smart glasses, view AR projections, watch 3D printers in action and try other hardware and products. A number of vendors will be present, such as Epson, IT People Innovation, Technology Turnkey Solutions and 3D Everyone.

The afternoon session will feature three experts addressing the theme, “Opportunities and Challenges of Augmented Reality in Organizations.” The speakers will address topics on Augmented Reality adoption in enterprise and will include:

  • Mario Faria, CEO and founder of Massfar, a Brazilian consultancy specializing in Augmented Reality
  • Christine Perey, executive director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance
  • Nuno Silva, Head of Innovation of IT People Innovation


10:00 Welcome Reception Welcome to visitors, partners and the public.
12:00 Stage Presentation Heritage enhancement with Augmented Reality (Partnership Presentation Past Alive / IT People Innovation).
16:00 Conference “Challenges and Opportunities of Augmented Reality in Organizations.”
20:00 Closing Ceremony


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Campo Grande 376

University of Lusophona
1749-024 Lisbon

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