AREA Webinar | The Atheer AR Maturity Model: A framework for front line productivity planning in a COVID-recovery world

Date of Event:

Dec 16 2020


This is an online event


Online. Timings
5.30 - 6.15PM GMT
12.30 - 1.15PM EST
9.30 - 10.15AM PST

Overview of event

In this webinar, you will hear from Nag ChandraShekar from Atheer, Inc. Nag is the Chief Product Officer at Atheer. He will provide not only his insights, experience and challenges of implementing enterprise AR, but will also talk about how those relate to the continuum of AR implementations that fit into the Atheer AR Maturity Model – and particularly how the model is acutely relevant in a COVID-recovery world.

It will help participants understand where they currently are in the four-stage model, the things they need to do to reach the highest stage of the model (where AR provides real, on-going and mission-critical strategic benefit) and what will make them successful in every stage along the way.


During this webinar, attendees will learn:

Why an AR Maturity Model is an essential framework in planning enterprise AR

How to identify how mature your organization is

What you need to have in place in order to move to each new stage of the model

When do you move from one stage from the next – and how should the model inform your planning for the upcoming year



  • Nag ChandraShekar from Atheer, Inc. Nag is the Chief Product Officer at Atheer.


  • Mark Sage – Executive Director of the AREA (Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance)


The AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global, membership-funded non-profit alliance dedicated to helping accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by supporting the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem. We support innovative companies aspiring to invest in AR technology who need a better understanding of the tools available, application possibilities, methods of implementation and return on investment

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