AREA Webinar | Plan for Enterprise AR Success: Meet and Manage the Risk Factors

Date of Event:

Jan 20 2016



Overview of event

Similarly to mobile technology introductions, implementing enterprise Augmented Reality technologies must be planned. Sound Augmented Reality project planning takes into account potential benefits and risks to existing IT, human and business systems.

Potential benefits of Augmented Reality are addressed in many places, including previous AREA webinars. This unique webinar will examine risk factors frequently encountered with enterprise AR deployments.

We will begin by examining the four classes of common risks:

  • Technological maturity risks
  • Financial risks
  • User acceptance risks
  • Regulatory/corporate policy risks

We will provide suggestions for measuring risk, and give four recommendations for managing risk factors when introducing enterprise AR.

After the presentation, AREA members will discuss the steps they have taken in projects to manage risks and minimize their impacts on the successful introduction of Augmented Reality. Member panelists include:

  • Pete Wassell, President, Augmate
  • Barry Po, Sr. Product Manager, NGRAIN

The panelists will be joined by guest Josh Kvavle, Principle Investigator, US Navy.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What are the types of risk factors (frequently anticipated or encountered) with enterprise Augmented Reality introduction?
  • How can the introduction manager assess the importance of these risk factors in a project?
  • How do organizations manage risks before they have detrimental impacts on the introduction of Augmented Reality?


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