AREA Webinar | Forecasting Enterprise AR Growth

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Mar 17 2016



Overview of event

The AR for Enterprise Alliance is the only global non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Whether you are getting started with enterprise Augmented Reality or a widely recognized expert in the field, you can benefit from and contribute to the AR for Enterprise Alliance.

Augmented Reality industry pundits have been predicting the rapid expansion of the technology for many years but these forecasts did not materialize. The Gartner Group predicted in its 2015 Hype Cycle Report for Emerging Technologies that Augmented Reality was entering the deepest part of the trough of disillusionment. Perhaps 2016 is a turning point.

A burst of new forecasts have recently been issued, some of them focusing on growth of AR in the enterprise. During this webinar attendees will learn how research on enterprise AR is conducted, and analysts with leading market research firms will share highlights of their forecasts.

Key questions this webinar answers include:

  • What are the different approaches analysts use when estimating enterprise AR growth?
  • Are analysts taking into account the many different industry and geographic trends that will impact the adoption of enterprise AR?
  • What are the most important drivers and barriers to enterprise AR in the forecast models and how are these assessed?
  • What will be some important developments in 2016 that will make this year memorable in the annals of enterprise AR history?


cperey Christine Perey, Executive Director of the AREA, presents a short overview about the reasons that forecasting is important for the future of enterprise Augmented Reality adoption.


TomMainelli Tom Mainelli
VP for Devices & Displays
International Data Corporation

J.P. Gownder  
Vice President and Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals
Forrester Research

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