AREA Webinar | AREA Studies, Surveys and Technical Reports

Date of Event:

Jul 28 2016



Overview of event

The AR for Enterprise Alliance is the only global member-driven organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Whether you are getting started with enterprise Augmented Reality or a widely recognized expert in the field, you can benefit from and contribute to this exciting field.

As part of the AREA’s programs to provide its members the best possible insights into the opportunities and the landscape of enterprise Augmented Reality solutions, the organization’s members and staff conduct studies, survey members and registered visitors and prepare technical reports.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What content and studies are available from the AREA?
  • Who would benefit from reading the AREA content?
  • How are AREA studies and technical reports different from the AREA Research committee activities?
  • How are topics for AREA technical reports prioritized and the content for reports developed?
  • What are the studies conducted and the findings published in AREA technical reports prepared to date?
  • What reports are currently under development?
  • How are AREA study results and reports made available?


MarkSage Mark Sage, Executive Director of the AREA will host and chair the discussion


Christine Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting and collaborator on AREA studies and reports
Giuseppe Beppe Scavo Augmented Reality Beppe Scavo, AREA Researcher

John J. Simmins, Ph.D., Technical Executive, Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and AREA Board Member

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