From the Lab of Dr. Rafael Radkowski at Iowa State University

AREA Research Committee Webinar | Current AR Research Projects

Date of Event:

Jul 15 2019


This is an online webinar. Please use the links below to register.


Timings are as follows:
8-9 am Pacific
11-12 am Eastern
4-5 pm UK BST

Overview of event

This AREA Research Committee webinar will provide attendees insight into advanced research in the field of computer vision for augmented reality with a particular focus on object recognition and tracking for AR-supported training, maintenance, and quality control tasks, featured with results from completed and ongoing university-industry collaborations.

Dr. Rafael Radkowski directs the augmented reality and computer vision efforts in his lab at the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University. He and his team study various computer vision techniques for tracking and scene understanding as well as how these techniques add benefit to AR-supported tasks such as assembly training and manual inspection. His group collaborates with multiple enterprises and has successfully supported the implementation of several AR installations. In this webinar, Rafael will be sharing his lab’s research projects including:

• Overview of computer vision capabilities for tracking and scene understanding.

• Developing AR visualization and tracking capabilities for manual inspection support (i.e., ultrasonic, eddy current).

• Designing AR/MR visual widgets for AR-assisted training

Registration and Fees

There is no charge for this webinar.

Location and Travel

This is an online webinar. Please use the links provided to register.

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