AREA Research Committee Webinar | CONIX Research Center and the ARENA Platform

Date of Event:

Jan 19 2022




The timings for the webinar are as follows:
11 AM - 12PM EST
8AM - 9 AM PST

Overview of event

The Augmented Reality Edge Networking Architecture (ARENA) is a networking platform designed to simplify programming where there is a mix of virtual and physical systems. By combining spatial awareness and real-time sensing technologies, projects using the ARENA platform permit physical and digital entities to interact in innovative, new ways.

The platform is being developed by members of the CONIX Research Center, a collaboration between six universities including Carnegie Mellon University, developing a new tier of distributed computing that tightly couples the cloud and edge by pushing increased levels of autonomy and intelligence into the network.


During this webinar Anthony Rowe will present the goals of the ARENA project on which he, his team, and members of the CONIX Research Center are working. Attendees will learn:

    • The design principles of the ARENA architecture and the realms that can be implemented within it
    • The management and sharing of anchor data and other commonly used functions
    • Where the ARENA platform is implemented today and how can it be deployed elsewhere, and
    • Plans for future research on mixing physical and digital sensing and entities


    • Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting



    • Dr. Anthony Rowe, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, co-director of CONIX Research Center and CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Nuno Pereira, Visiting Scholar – Center Executive Director at Carnegie Mellon University
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