AREA Members Meeting | Herndon, VA | March 27, 2014

Date of Event:

Mar 27 2014


Herndon, VA


APX Labs
2350 Corporate Park Dr
Herndon VA 20171

Overview of event

The members of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (the AREA) are cordially invited to attend the first in-person meeting on the afternoon of March 27 and morning of March 28 in Washington D.C. immediately following the AR Community meeting.

Meeting Goals

The in-person member meeting, also serving as the first face-to-face Board of Directors (BOD) meeting, is being organized to:

  • Forge bonds between members of the AREA
  • Receive a report of the AREA current status
  • Discuss and vote on by-law modifications, including but not limited to membership classes, dues and dates
  • Establish reasonable nomination and election procedures
  • Vote on new members of the Board of Directors
  • Decide about creation of an executive committee of the BOD, a Technical Committee and Marketing Committee
  • Review, modify and approve the AREA proposed program of activities and budget for the remainder of 2014

To Participate in the AREA Members Meeting

The AREA members meeting is closed to the public. To participate in this meeting, AREA members in good standing need only to complete the online registration form.

This meeting will take place immediately following the public AR Community meeting scheduled for March 26-27, 2014 and in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee meeting hosted by Lockheed Martin in Arlington, Virginia on March 24-28, 2014. For the agenda and additional information about the OGC Technical Committee, visit this page.

Registration and Fees

To participate in the AREA members meeting, complete the registration form on or before March 17, 2014.

Each participant will be responsible for their travel costs, meals and other incidentals.


Visit this page to view the final agenda for the members meeting.


The March 2014 AREA members meetingwill be conducted in the offices of APX Labs.

The address is:
APX Labs
2350 Corporate Park Dr
Herndon VA 20171

Host and Sponsoring

APX Labs will host the AREA members meeting.

Comments or Questions?

Please address all comments and questions regarding the AREA members meeting via e-mail to

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