AREA Member-Exclusive Webinar – 5G and Enterprise AR (9th Research Project)

Date of Event:

Jul 7 2021


Online - AREA Members Only


This is an online event
8.00 AM - 9.00 AM PDT
11.00 AM - 12.00 PM EDT
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST
5.00 - 6.00PM CEST

Overview of event

Managers of large enterprise IT organizations are aware of the emerging 5G networks and components, including 5G-ready wearable and mobile devices, but many questions remain to be answered prior to the introduction of these in an enterprise infrastructure.

Before AREA customer segment members begin testing AR over 5G in their facilities, they need deeper understanding of key concepts of 5G, and the requirements, opportunities, or benefits 5G could bring. Before AREA provider segment members develop 5G-compatible solutions, they need to understand the risks and opportunities.

The AREA has commissioned this research project to examine risks and opportunities of using 5G technologies for enterprise AR use cases, and areas for future research and potential investment for AREA members.

The key research question is if, how, under which conditions, and when 5G will drive innovation and adoption of enterprise AR use cases, specifically in the manufacturing and industrial sectors?


During this webinar Saverio Romeo and Yiru Zhong will describe the 9th project goals, approaches they took to answer the key research questions.

Attendees will also learn about the following topics:

  • Introduction to the 5G technological framework
  • Overview on the developments and deployments of 5G
  • The role of 5G in Industry 4.0 and in enabling AR-based applications for enterprises
  • The future of 5G-enabled AR applications for enterprises
  • Recommendations for AREA and the AR for enterprise community


Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting


Saverio Romeo, Centre for Innovation Management Research, Emerging Technology Observatory, Birkbeck, University of London

Yiru Zhong – Emerging Technology Observatory

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