AREA Enterprise AR Interoperability Requirements Workshop

Date of Event:

Sep 25 2019


Nashville, TN.


Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Nashville, TN.

Overview of event

On September 25, the AREA will conduct a workshop to brainstorm and document enterprise AR interoperability requirements for workers who use AR to perform operations on a shop floor more efficiently and safely. The use cases include providing job orders, configuring instruments or machinery, servicing or repairing components and machinery in a plant, ensuring correct materials are positioned with respect to machinery and support critical processes, navigating a user to job site, delivery of complex instructions, quality inspection and remote expert support.

This workshop, a component of the AREA Interoperability and Standards program, is designed to provide value to the following stakeholders:

  • Representatives of enterprise organizations with manufacturing or assembly use cases that meet the workshop’s criteria will learn how to develop requirements and contribute their requirements which, if/when met will improve their ability to integrate AR and shorten ROI,
  • Standards Development Organizations (staff and members) will have a more detailed understanding of the customer requirements and, based on those, be able to evaluate if/how their organizations can reduce barriers to enterprise AR interoperability.

The AREA is calling for participation from large enterprises (AREA and non-members) with current AR projects or pilots for shop floor use cases and who are facing integration challenges. We seek to collect their interoperability requirements in a structured manner in this workshop. 

In order to develop the highly-focused requirements needed to develop standards in a short amount of time, the AREA seeks participants working in the IT departments of large enterprises and with recent (past 12 months) participation in AR pilots and/or integration projects. 


The workshop will be held on September 25 from 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM Central US Time (Nashville). Participants should plan to be at the venue no later than 3 PM. 

 Session  Duration
 Opening Session

 Welcome and Introductions 

 Goals and Objectives of the Workshop

 Presentation of Pre-Workshop Survey Results 

  – 20 min 
 Break up/form brainstorming/
 discussion groups
  – 10 min

 Highly interactive discussions in small groups

  – 45 min (two 20 min sessions with 5 min break)
 Processing/Sharing/Presenting the outputs of small group  brainstorming   – 20 min
 Closing   – 10 min


There will be an OMG reception held beginning at 6 PM.

Registration and Fees

A valid registration for the OMG Technical Committee meeting on Wednesday September 25 will be required to participate in this workshop.

Workshop Results 

A short report with the outcomes of brainstorming and prioritizations will be published on this web page. It will be promoted at large and shared with all Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and provider segment companies who seek insights about Interoperability Requirements.

Location and Travel

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Nashville, TN.

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