AREA Webinar | Why and How to Introduce Augmented Reality in Enterprise

Date of Event:

Oct 29 2015



Overview of event

The AR for Enterprise Alliance is the only global non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Whether you are getting started with enterprise Augmented Reality or a widely recognized expert in the field, you can benefit from and contribute to the AR for Enterprise Alliance.

In this webinar AREA customer members will talk about drivers to AR introduction, the steps they have followed, results and what convinces them and their companies’ management that AR will have an impact.

This webinar will offer valuable insights into AR introduction straight from customers who are in the trenches.

  • What are the key motivators or drivers for introduction of AR in these large enterprises?
  • Who are or were the champions for AR in these organizations?
  • What were the first use cases on which Augmented Reality was tested?
  • What steps did the engineers and project managers follow when studying the suitability of Augmented Reality?
  • Was there something about the first or an early Augmented Reality project that caught the attention of senior management?
  • How do AR project managers collaborate with groups within and outside the organization?
  • How are impacts of Augmented Reality measured?
  • What signs will indicate to the decision makers that Augmented Reality is ready for wider deployment?


  • David Doral, AERTEC Solutions
  • Patrick Ryan, Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Joe Metzger, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care
  • Paul Davies, The Boeing Company

The webinar will be hosted by Christine Perey, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance.

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