AREA Webinar | Selecting Use Cases for Enterprise Augmented Reality Introduction

Date of Event:

Nov 18 2015



Overview of event

Selecting the best use cases for enterprise Augmented Reality introduction is arguably one of the most important steps that project managers will perform when exploring the technology’s potential to impact workplace performance. Finding a use case that is sufficiently narrow to be well defined while also broad enough to be applicable to multiple important business processes across an organization requires careful analysis. Use case selection should also take into account the stakeholders, their budgets, their power to influence corporate decision makers and their experience with emerging technology introduction.

This webinar presents key concepts and provides valuable recommendations for those who are planning to introduce AR in their organizations. After a presentation, a panel of AREA members will discussion the following questions:

1. Which factors do AREA members recommend that an AR project manager prioritize when selecting a use case?

2. Is setting out and sticking to an AR introduction plan with milestones and deadlines critical to success?  

3. Are factors such as data security and network coverage for mobile devices important to consider even when choosing the first use case?

4. For the industries in which AREA members work, what are the most popular use cases for pilots and introduction of Augmented Reality?

5. How do you recommend AR introduction managers balance the need for hands-free displays with current device limitations? What are the characteristics of use cases or pilot projects suitable for implementation on tablets?  

6. Should organizations introduce AR in multiple use cases in parallel? What are the benefits and risks of this strategy?


Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of APX Labs, will provide an in-depth presentation on the topic of use case selection.


The webinar will be hosted by Christine Perey, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance.

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