Augmented Reality is for everyday people and businesses who need to excel in the real world.

AR in Action Industry Summit

Date of Event:

Jan 16-17 2018


Cambridge, Massachusetts, US


MIT Media Lab
75 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

Overview of event

A focused Symposium of 250 leaders in Augmented Reality will be held with the aim of accelerating conversation and collaboration amongst industry innovators, thought leaders, investors and corporations, who are looking at real-world implementations of AR Solutions. The event will educate, encourage, and inspire technologists to bring augmented reality into reality.

AR in ACTION participants are inventors, innovators, integrators, investors, and other executives–all experts in their fields. They will be coming from the boardrooms and the trenches, ready to focus on the next great leap in human performance. When we’re done, every human empowered with AR will be able to excel in the real world!


The 2-day program and content will help those who are not up to speed get there quickly and those who are already running to get real traction with great partners.

There are several different types of speakers for the event:

  • Keynotes and 9 min or less AR Lighting Talks
  • Panel discussions
  • Live AR demos from the stage
  • Demo experiences and posters on the demo floor

For more details on the agenda please visit the event website.

Registration and Fees

Fees range from $314 – $1,000 per ticket with member discounts available.

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