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3D Interfaces Offer Users Infinite Space

Aug 5 2015

In this essay published on the Singularity Hub blog, Jody Medich, a consultant and 3D user experience designer, compares how...

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Magic Leap’s User Interface for Augmented Reality

Aug 4 2015

Fast Company takes a look at the 106-page patent filing of Magic Leap, an Augmented and Virtual Reality startup that...

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Personal Augmented Reality Displays Compete for Attention

Jul 31 2015

As the interest in enterprise Augmented Reality continues to rise, customers need assistance to understand how the offers (and the...

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Digi-Capital Predicts Seven Drivers for Augmented/Virtual Reality

Jul 29 2015

Digi-Capital has released its “Augmented/Virtual Reality Report Q2 2015“, in which it predicts a $150 billion market for Augmented and...

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Infographic Shows How Virtual and Augmented Reality Share Enabling Technologies

Jul 28 2015

Despite excellent articles explaining their unique value, many people continue to be confused about the differences between Virtual and Augmented...

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Forrester Research Recommends that Enterprises Explore Augmented Reailty

Jul 24 2015

The large consulting firms and market research publishers are watching the growth of Augmented Reality closely and encouraging their enterprise...

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Time to Dispel Common Myths about Augmented Reality

Jul 20 2015

One of the key objectives of the AR for Enterprise Alliance is to reduce the hype around Augmented Reality so...

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Augmented Reality Boosts Effectiveness of Worker Training

Jul 19 2015

Combining Augmented Reality-assisted training with other forms of traditional and workplace-based training will be an important way for people to...

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GE Develops Augmented Reality-assisted Maintenance Manual

Jul 8 2015

General Electric’s Research Center in Brazil is developing and testing a tablet-based (iOS and Android) Augmented Reality maintenance manual for...

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New User Interface Dictionary Could Help Augmented Reality

Jun 30 2015

Most people have admired the work of John Underkoffler in movies. He developed the user interface for Minority Report. In...

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