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Dexter Ang

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+1 (617) 520-4815

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262 Beacon St, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116-1925


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Pison is building the future of human computer interaction and bioelectric control. The company develops full-stack wearable technology for intuitive and powerful gesture control of augmented reality smart glasses. Pison has developed and patented electroneurography, or ENG, the first process for sensing peripheral nerve firings on the surface of the skin. Vertically-integrated solutions combine hardware, software, machine learning, and UI for AR industries. Investors and partners include Oculus, MIT, Draper, National Science Foundation, and HHS.

Background And Achievements:

  • Singularity University: Most Disruptive Technology
  • MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund
  • ALS Association Challenge

Challenges For AR:

Wearable, intuitive interaction methods for AR smartglasses

Why AR:

AR is the next paradigm for wearable displays. Human computer interaction and spatial computing allows for unprecedented manipulation of digital objects.

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