Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

AREA Member Research Priorities

In order to influence how research organizations, governmental and non-governmental funding organizations, and other research stakeholders support projects of greatest interest to members, the AREA Research Committee is developing an overarching Research Agenda. 

The Research Agenda will provide guidance to researchers and research managers when they prioritize efforts and investments in accelerating the adoption of AR in enterprise and industrial environments.

In order to preserve the anonymity of AREA members who agreed to contribute to the Research Agenda, we solicited the research priorities of members individually in telephone and in-person meetings. A preliminary report of findings has been shared with members and is currently being combined with the most pressing research problems identified in AREA committees. 

A page describing the methodology for the development of the research agenda is found here

The Research Committee will periodically repeat its survey of members and committees to update the Research Agenda. When released, all editions of the AREA Research Agenda will be accessible without restriction from this page.