XMReality Launches Online Sales

Swedish AREA member —XMReality issued a press release today launching XMReality Business, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering sold online, mainly to small and medium-sized companies. This launch means that XMReality now reaches a significantly larger market.

XMReality Business is the fastest and easiest way for companies to provide high-quality customer support using video communications and Augmented Reality (AR). Since announcing the pre-launch in June, a number of customers have successfully trialed the service over the summer. Today XMReality Business is being launched commercially.

XMReality Business provides the ability to send links that allow users to quickly connect to any other person for help and instructions, known as Remote Guidance.

“The web client will be perfect for our customers” says Martin Forsberg, Global Support at Arcam, which uses XMReality’s service to provide support to its customers. “You can set up a remote call without them having to install anything.”

“We are seeing a clear trend of steadily increasing video communication via smartphones. By selling XMReality Business online, we are opening up new opportunities to reach more international companies of various sizes. With this new offering we strengthen our position as an international leader in Remote Guidance,” says Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality.

You can start a free trial today at www.xmreality.com/business/. Apps are available for download in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.  Read XMReality’s AREA member profile for more information about the company.

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