Samsung and Microsoft may be working on a future augmented reality hardware

A recent report suggests tech giants Microsoft and Samsung may be working together on a future project involving Augmented Reality. Should the details of the report be accurate, we’ll see the mystery project go public in 2024. Based on the information, the collaboration should result in some form of commercial hardware. AREA member Microsoft has the HoloLens 2 which is used extensively by business enterprise users.

A report by The Elec suggests that Microsoft and Samsung are working together on future augmented reality hardware. It is not disclosed whether this is for the consumer market, enterprise market, or both. All that is known is that the project is AR-related and may involve some sort of hardware Samsung will be producing (rather than Microsoft). Samsung’s investments in DigiLens, the company behind tech found in AR display devices, may further substantiate the idea that the former will be handling the physical gadgetry in its collaboration with Microsoft.

Apparently, several divisions of Samsung are involved in the project, with Samsung Display, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Samsung SDI are all tied in. This AR project started in the middle fo 2021 and aims to result in a commercially viable product by 2024.



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