Porsche Triples Down on AR

Following a data point circulating the Augmented Reality industry a few years ago that signified Porsche could attain greater efficiency using AR, the company has now taken tangible action. According to AREA member Atheer, Porsche’s AR supplier, the company has boosted its AR usage by triple.

Mike Boland of AR Insider claims that there are key lessons to be learned from Porsche’s investment, as it indicates that AR is working. Also, Porsche got past ‘pilot purgatory’, which is when enterprises integrate AR but fail to gain mass adoption, often a result of poor communication with front line workers uncertain in utilising such technology. Via Atheer’s influence of “thinking like a marketer”, Porsche has now avoided pilot purgatory.

Another way in which Atheer has guided Porsche is by deploying AR in the most impactful areas. For example, Atheer has reported that AR is more useful in guidance rather than training, despite VR’s ability to increase knowledge retention in training. Therefore, AR has a greater impact in non-repetitive jobs.

Amar Dhaliwal, CEO of Atheer, is quoted to have said that they start by assessing what it is that Porsche is trying to do; if this is training-related, then Atheer will advise against deploying AR, as it will not have the suitable ROI.

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