JVC to Launch 120-degree FOV XR Headset for Enterprise Next Month

Earlier this week, an article on Road to VR reported on JVCKenwood’s enterprise Extended Reality headset development. The project has been in the works since 2018 and is primarily targeting the simulator market, with key uses for the medical and construction industries.

JVC’s prototype, as reported in late 2020 by Mogura, achieves a 120-degree field of view (FOV) and 2.5k per-eye resolution. The PC-tethered headset can use SteamVR tracking to make use of compatible controllers such as Valve Index or Vive wands. This mirror technology is similar to that of Augmented Reality headsets like Nreal Light, but on a larger FOV and scale.

The headset enables users to maintain a direct view of physical objects and machinery while large-format virtual images are projected onto it. JVC claims that the technology is capable of reproducing “clear images without the screen door effect” in addition to reduced colour aberration. A wide eye box also allows for a greater physical range of wearing positions.

According to Road to VR, it is currently unclear as to whether JVC is beginning a full immersion into enterprise market production, or simply testing the waters of demand. The latest development is that the device is headed to enterprise partners starting from late March this year.

Read the full article, including the spec sheet for the headset, here.

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