Interview with Six15 CEO Rich Ryan on Six15 collaboration with Zebra Technologies

Featured on the Enterprise Wear blog of AREA member BrainXChange is an interview with Six15 CEO Rich Ryan on Six15 collaboration with Zebra Technologies.  The HD4000 device is the brainchild of Six15 and Zebra Technologies.

Topics covered in detail in the interview include many pertinent questions faced by enterprises:

  • How the collaboration with Zebra Technologies came about
  • The unique or key features of the HD4000 that make it enterprise-ready
  • The new demands of e-commerce that the Zebra HD4000 is helping companies to meet
  • How Six15’s tech integrates securely with existing enterprise architecture
  • Beyond guidance and training, what are the insights and analytics enterprises are gaining from the product and how can it become a full end-to-end solution or is it not meant to be that?
  • What typically drives up costs for enterprises trying to adopt AR?
  • What do you think is the ideal duration time for a pilot or is a pilot unnecessary in this case with the HD4000?
  • Future collaborations for Six15’s
  • Customer feedback.

We hope our readers enjoy this interview! 


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