How Augmented Reality Will Overhaul Our Most Crucial Industries

A long and detailed piece is available online entitlted How Augmented Reality Will Overhaul Our Most Crucial Industries, that appears on Singularity Hub.

In this fourth installment in a five-part AR series, the author does a deep dive into AR’s most exciting industry applications, poised to hit the market in the next 5-10 years. It is well worth a read.

In summary, the markets covered in this piece are:


including surgeons and physicians, assistance for those with disabilities and biometric displays

Retail & Advertising

including virtual shopping and advertising

Education & Travel

including customized, continuous learning, training and travel


including Design, Supply chain optimization and Quality assurance & accessible expertise

Transportation & Navigation

including Autonomous vehicles and navigation


including Gaming, Art and Shows

The author finishes the article with some final thoughts: while AR headset manufacturers and mixed reality developers race to build enterprise solutions from manufacturing to transportation, AR’s use in consumer products is following close behind.

Magic Leap leads the way in developing consumer experiences we’ve long been waiting for, as the “Magicverse” of localized AR displays in shared physical spaces will reinvent our modes of connection.

And as AR-supportive hardware is now built into today’s newest smartphones, businesses have an invaluable opportunity to gamify products and immerse millions of consumers in service-related AR experiences.

Even beyond the most obvious first-order AR business cases, new industries to support the augmented world of 2030 will soon surge in market competition, whether headset hardware, data storage solutions, sensors, or holograph and projection technologies.

The full original article can be read here.

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