Fieldbit – AR-Based Remote Assistance for Field Services Ready to Take off as HoloLens v2 Is Announced

Augmented Reality and smart glasses are perfectly situated to achieve these goals and help professionals resolve complex technical issues rapidly and on the first time. The announcement of HoloLens V2 for remote assistance will accelerate the adoption of these technologies in field service organizations.

The following is taken from Fieldbit’s announcement.  Fieldbit believes that smart glasses are the device of choice for field personnel to access information, view IoT data and collaborate with experts and peers to resolve technical issues efficiently and on the first visit.

  • Microsoft’s HoloLens V2 for remote assistance confirms theor long-term vision.
  • What makes Fieldbit uniquely different for Field Service Enterprises?
  • Fieldbit offers industrial customers an open, multi-platform augmented-reality-based solution for remote assistance and knowledge management
  • Fieldbit is ready for smart glasses, smartphones (iOS and Android), and tablets
  • Fieldbit seamlessly integrates with existing Field Service Management (FSM), CRM and ERP systems
  • Fieldbit’s solution is proven and fully deployed in tier-1 industrial customers
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