Epson forges pact with Spinar America for Augmented Reality, industry 4.0

Epson is partnering with startup Spinar America to offer a bundle that can be used for remote assistance as well as remote work.

Remi Del Mar, senior product manager of digital experiences, AR and commercial display solutions at Epson, said that the COVID-19 pandemic and move to remote work has accelerated AR use cases.

“It’s not just a wearable as much as it is a device for knowledge transfer for training, industrial maintenance and retail showcasing,” said Del Mar.

Smart glasses will be key devices in industry 4.0 areas such as manufacturing, auto, field service, he said. On the remote work and collaboration front, smart glasses can find a use as a secondary screen.

As for the Spinar America partnership, Epson is teaming up with its partner to integrate Epson Moverio AR smart glasses with Spinar’s Remote Vision SaaS offering with Zoom video conferencing.

The stack allows a remote expert to see what a local technician sees and provide real-time visual guidance. The product integration also allows for faster repairs and fewer mistakes. Via Zoom, Spinar can bring together remote experts and on-site personnel easily with the Moverio’s smart glasses built-in camera.

Del Mar said that Spinar and Epson already have pilots going with the joint offering.


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