British AR Tech Deployed on Danish Site

Earlier this week, The Construction Index posted an article reporting on XYZ Reality’s Augmented Reality technology being deployed by PM Group for construction. The project delivery company is using HoloSite to aid labour and save time. HoloSite integrates AR into a hard hat and visor, allowing users to identify and prevent early inaccuracies and view full BIM models in real time.

Diarmuid O’Sullivan, PM Group Construction Director, has said that using HoloSite has enabled a proactive rather than reactive way of working. The technology is described as “ground-breaking”, as it has caused a significant increase in productivity on site. PM Group BIM Manager, Coral Butler, also stated that HoloSite provides a high level of build accuracy to reduce surveying. Issues can be tracked by the technology so that adjustments can be made and the project can remain on schedule.

Due to the pandemic, health and safety is now even more of a focus. HoloSite has allowed PM Group to live stream their site, reducing the number of workers needed on site. This decreases further risk.

CEO and Founder of XYZ Reality, David Mitchell, has said that AR is enabling the construction industry to adopt new practises. A more proactive and forward-thinking approach is being taken, facilitated by the technology. HoloSite causes construction teams to build correctly on a first attempt.

As the build progresses into more complex construction work, PM Group plans to distribute more HoloSite units. The company is also looking into utilising other technology for future construction projects.

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