Augmented Reality User Manuals for Businesses

An article on ARVR details the merits of how user manuals are being used successfully with Augmented Reality technology.

AR technology offers an interactive experience between the real world and the information integrated in it. These manuals are supported and enriched by AR technology with elements of computer visualization making the given information easily understandable.

This technology makes it possible to superimpose a computer-generated image, graphic or 3D model on the surface of the real product, providing customers with assistance that allows them to better understand the received instructions.

What you can hear when AR technology is mentioned is the improvement of remote assistance or even the training of the workforce. Now another use of this technology comes in the form of AR manuals. Manuals of different products have always been of special importance especially because they are delivered immediately to customers, avoiding the various questions and problems that may be encountered for a particular product or service.

In fact, in the time we live in, where technology prevails in every aspect of life, we can freely say that these traditional manuals are going out of trends also because of the difficulty in understanding them. Ultimately, this technology is bringing a powerful wave of change in conveying the information we need in real time and in a more simplified way. All this is already achieved thanks to these AR based manuals which provide information in detail about the operation and maintenance of a specific product.

The article goes on to detail how technology is enabling this effective way of delivering manuals to customers by replacing traditional printed manuals with multiple texts and in most cases incomprehensible.

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