7 Patient Care Applications Of Augmented Reality

Healthcare is an industry where human life itself is at stake, and its effectiveness highly depends on how it uses advanced technologies like augmented reality. With the use of augmented reality for patient care, the healthcare industry can enhance safety and efficiency. Healthcare is among the first to embrace augmented reality.

Taken from an article on BBN Times by Naveen Joshi that discusses seven patient care applications of augmented reality.



The ability of AR to blend the experience of the real world with all the power of digital information is impressive. Although AR had become popular only a few years ago, healthcare organizations have been incorporating it for several years. Combining the use of augmented reality for patient care in the healthcare industry has undoubtedly proven to be a blessing for doctors and patients. Medical history of a patient can travel with him from birth to death and can be easily accessed by doctors with the help of AR technology.

By providing real-time data and patient information faster, AR gives surgeons and doctors the ability to diagnose, treat, and perform surgery on their patients more precisely than ever before. The use of augmented reality in the healthcare market is expected to increase rapidly. An estimate shows that the revenue of augmented reality in the healthcare market can grow up to USD 1.32 billion by the year 2023 at a CAGR of 23%. That’s because there are many examples where the healthcare industry is using AR for the benefit of the patient.

The article talks through details of the 7 patient care applications of AR in healthcare

  1. Advanced diagnostics
  2. Surgery assistance
  3. Patient assistance
  4. Vein vizualisation
  5. Ultrasound scanning
  6. Patient aftercare
  7. Patient selfcare


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