Trends in Augmented Reality

A feature article on titles Un-Technology – the Future of Work and Play, has a great infographic that may interest readers and goes on to reveal some interesting trends in Augmented Reality.


Key points from the article:

  • More industries are adopting AR – industries like telecommunication, manufacturing, energy where the workforce is scattered to remote areas are already using AR extensively for communication, training etc.
  • Healthcare and teaching are also leveraging AR capabilities. Healthcare companies are developing AR tools that can be used in the operating room and on the other hand by bringing the virtual elements to the real world, teachers are making a more immersive experience for students a reality.
  • Brands will go for AR- with IKEA cited as an example and mobile sales will become important
  • Scale – AR is going mainstream with hosts of startups entering the field to make it affordable for the masses. uSens, a California based computer vision startup, showcased technology in CES 2018 that will allow AR apps to run on not only your Iphone X but also on a cheap $100 Android phone. It raised $26 million in funding from a group of investors to push AR to the general public.
  • A recent report by Digi- Capital suggests that AR will be worth a staggering $108 billion by 2021. 2018 is a breakthrough year for AR. It has reached a tipping point where it is looking to explode into homes and the high street.

The full article and infographic can be seen here.

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