Augmented Reality Technology Unleashes Enormous Company Change

An article by Peter Bendor-Samuel for Forbes, reveals the potentially enormous company change brought about through the introduction of augmented reality.  This opinion piece talks of augmented reality’s powerful range of applications across industries.  There is a focus on how technology is changing core operations and how the organization fundamentally does business.

The author shares what he learnt when he spent time with Wipro in its Silicon Valley technology center, taking 2 use cases as a base.

Use Case 1 talks about a heavy machine manufacturing customer, using Looking Glass augmented reality technology integrated with an IoT platform.  Use case 2 is about a retail customer. The author then explores learnings from the journey of implementing AI technology, stating that both use cases provide a better and complete customer experience. But it’s not due to one technology. It’s necessary to bring AI, IoT, cloud and analytics together into one comprehensive program that achieves business value. Furthermore, in deploying these technologies, a company must go through a large amount of change. Technology is just a small part of the transformation journey.

Finally the article concludes with tips for selecting a service partner for AI capabilities and for integrating and implementing the whole digital transformation journey.

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