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AfterNow: Guides Microsoft Dynamics 365 Review

A detailed example case and walkthrough of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides by Philippe Lewicki the captain of AfterNow. Guides is a step-by-step instructions presentation that employees can be guided through while using the HoloLens to learn how to use tools and parts in real work situations

AfterNow: Dreamglass Augmented Reality Review

An in depth review of the Dreamglass by Dreamworld, done by Philippe Lewicki the captain of AfterNow.

RealWear: Now iTour Teaser Trailer

The Historic Trust of Vancouver, WA has been working in close coordination with the CMDC department at Washington State University Vancouver to create a new, interactive tour of the historic Vancouver area.

RealWear: CES 2019 Vegas Freeway Noise Test

RealWear hands-free HMT-1 wearable computer successfully demonstrates 100% accurate voice command recognition capability in noisy Las Vegas freeway at up to 100 dB of highway noise. Tests hands-free flashlight, Android voice-operated computer.

RealWear: Oculavis SHARE – Winter edition


RealWear: HMT-1 in use at a steel mill


Bosch Augmented Reality for the automotive workshop

Augmented Reality by Bosch – all relevant repair information at a glance. A new technology to make your workshop more efficient.

Bosch Service Training with Augmented Reality

Crunchfish’s gesture control and contextual awareness for AR glasses

Crunchfish demonstrates the importance of usability and how to dramatically improve the AR-experience

Boeing Tests Augmented Reality in the Factory

Installing electrical wiring on an aircraft is a complex task that leaves zero room for error. That’s why Boeing is testing augmented reality as a possible solution to give technicians real-time, hands-free, interactive 3D wiring diagrams – right before their eyes. Read the full story
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