AREA Members at AWE

AWE Europe 2018

Main stage

Paul Travers (Vuzix): Smart Glasses in Enterprise – What it Takes for Successful Deployments



Johan Castevall (XM REALITY): Augment IoT with AR to Empower Your Staff


Mike Campbell (PTC): PTC Vision for Augmented Reality in the Enterprise


Develop Track

Vinny DaSilva (PTC): Deliver Content on More Things with Vuforia Model Targets


Enterprise Track

Marc Schuetz (PTC): Solving Manufacturing & Service Challenges with Augmented Reality


Amar Dhaliwal (Atheer): How Porsche Transformed Automotive Dealer Service with AR


Scott Montgomerie (Scope AR ): How AR is Transforming Decades Old Business Processes


Per Unell (XM REALITY): Instant AR: Going Beyond the App


Enterprise 2 Track

Paul Davies (Boeing): The Boeing Augmented Reality Kit (BARK) in Airplane Manufacturing


Michael Lewis (AMRC): How Projected AR is Increasing Productivity in Construction


Jordi Boza (Vuzix): To be ’AR or not to be’ AR? Thats is the question.


Life Track

Henrik Krohn (XMReality): Augmented Reality in Reality – a field study



AWE 2018

Smart glasses are increasingly being chosen by the leading industrial companies of the world to drive meaningful outcomes.

In this inspirational presentation, real stories will be shared on how businesses are deploying smart glasses into production environments today, alongside the vision of where it all goes from here. Businesses are investing into smart glasses with visions on how it begins to transform the workplace today alongside other industry 4.0 drivers such as industrial IoT, big data analytics, and the connected workers. Ultimately, smart glasses connect the human workforce with the intelligence of machines and data, enabling people to keep pace with the machines.

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