AR on the Manufacturing Floor – IIoT World Day

The use of augmented reality (AR) in industrial applications is growing by leaps and bounds and has become tantamount in Industry 4.0 concepts. In fact, 28 percent of those surveyed in a recent PwC study reported that they have implemented, piloted, or planned to implement AR and/or virtual reality (VR) technology. As AR becomes more widely used, a number of applications are being identified and becoming more relevant for equipment that lives on the manufacturing floor. During this interactive conversation, John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo will talk about how AR has evolved and is being used on the floor for remote and enhanced collaboration including picture in picture video. He’ll also showcase 3D models and demonstrate how AR helps move beyond 3D for solid object interfaces and also display unique advanced visualizations that can showcase things like fluid flow inside pieces of equipment.


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