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Security Committee Further Information

The AREA Security Committee provides AREA members with focus on security aspects of AR implementation and fosters relationships with those working in the enterprise security space. It is the only cross-company international group investigating the risks and mitigation strategies for AR security in the enterprise—sharing best-practices and lessons-learned that are key to a broad, thriving AR ecosystem

The AREA Security Committee also supports members’ exchange of knowledge, discussion of security activities organized by and for members.

Security committee responsibilities

  • Identify, classify and prioritize security risks – known and anticipated security risks aligned with the AREA Security Protocol
  • Develop and disseminate security mitigation recommendations and best practices to enterprises, device manufacturers, systems integrators, operators and organizations overseeing enterprise security
  • Propose education and training programs for capacity building and skill development to enterprises, device manufacturers, systems integrators, operators and organizations overseeing enterprise security
  • Propose research projects and programs to document, inform and increase awareness of security risk and risk mitigation techniques and measures



The Security Committee is chaired by Tony Hodgson, Principal and CEO, Brainwaive LLC


Any person in the employment of an AREA member organization in good standing can request to join the Security Committee. Participants’ e-mail addresses are added to the committee mailing list, receive calendar invitations to monthly meetings, are recognized during roll call and invited to contribute to the discussion on any agenda item. In addition, members are encouraged to serve in a leadership capacity in a variety of ways, as time and interest permit.

Reasons to participate

  • Attend informative security committee meetings, webinars and projects
  • Contribute to understanding and advancement of security for enterprise AR technologies
  • Gain early access to best practices and approaches to addressing AR security
  • Connect with peers leading efforts and addressing AR security in the enterprise
  • Learn how other AREA members are addressing AR security AR in enterprise environments
  • Demonstrate thought leadership with other AREA members and the enterprise AR ecosystem



Wearable Enterprise AR Security Risks and Management – Report

Wearable Enterprise AR Security Framework and Test Protocol  – Report

AR security is an important issue for both enterprises and providers of AR technology. These insightful and detailed reports can help guide discussions about how to ensure that security concerns are not a barrier to AR enterprise adoption. By working together with AREA members, the knowledge of AR security experts is being shared with those who need it most.


The AREA Security Committee regularly hosts both public and member-exclusive webinars regarding research topics and trends. Links to recorded webinars are available here.

Ongoing initiatives

The AREA Security Committee is supporting members and the enterprise AR ecosystem through multiple advanced initiatives to educate and address common security/privacy problems. Please join us on the next Security Committee call or see past meeting minutes and action items.

Terms of Reference (TORs) for the AREA Security Committee

Please click here for the Security Committee Terms of Reference. 

For Assistance

For questions or further information, please contact the AREA SecCom Chairman, Tony Hodgson