RealWear Connect Highlights AR’s Growing Maturity

Augmented Reality is rapidly maturing, with a growing focus on stability, security, and other practical considerations. That’s one of the key takeaways from RealWear Connect, an event hosted by AREA member RealWear on December 9 in Amsterdam.

AREA Executive Director Mark Sage attended the event as guest speaker and was impressed with what he heard and saw.

“Like many vendors in the AR ecosystem, RealWear is investing in stability and security,” Mark noted. “They’re putting $80 million into increasing stability and recently named former NSA security expert Patrick Neise as their CISO.”

RealWear also highlighted its Foresight cloud platform, a tool that makes the business of deploying and managing AR programs – configuration, updating devices, app provisioning, and data management – easier.

Other speakers at the event included Ton Van Der Hoeve, innovation analyst from Shell, who shared the oil giant’s experience deploying AR hardware. Jens Mutschall of Deutsche Telecom reviewed his company’s work in creating campus networks for applications such as AR, as well as 5G device development, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AVG).

“Manolis Koutsourelakis of the global industrial gas and engineering firm Linde gave a very informative presentation on how digitalization can improve safety,” said Mark. “Linde’s use of AR helps the company identify hazards, confirm adequate controls are in place, and enable technicians to perform non-routine tasks.”

To Mark Sage, the event showed that enterprise AR is making a real bottom line difference to organizations around the world. All of the companies present highlighted positive ROI benefits (both tangible and intangible) and successful deployment, which can only bode well for the future.

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