New Editor Joins the AREA

The AREA has a new editor. Jim Cassidy joined the organization in October and is tasked with supporting the research and preparation of the AREA’s content by developing content strategy, authoring original and thought leadership content, editing content from members and third parties, and producing newsletters. We sat down with Jim recently to learn more about him and his work with the AREA.

Welcome to the AREA, Jim. Tell us about your background.

Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’ve been a freelance marketing communications writer for more than 25 years, working with a wide variety of clients across many industries, from consumer packaged goods to healthcare to analytical laboratory instruments. Living and working in eastern Massachusetts, much of my work has been for information technology companies, such as NTT DATA and PTC, so I have a good foundation in both the enterprise technology environment surrounding AR and the vertical markets where it’s making an impact.

What interested you in joining the AREA?

This is a very exciting time for AR. When you look at the most promising applications – take field service, for example – much of the work processes still revolve around printed manuals and parts diagrams, even as products have become more complex and intelligent. AR will have massive impact on productivity in just that one area. In an interview earlier this year, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt said that by helping field engineers fix machinery better the first time, AR could be worth billions of dollars to industrial companies like GE.

The potential is great, new innovations are coming to market on a daily basis, and there’s a lot of interest and anticipation in the market. At the same time, we’re still struggling with how to get from the pilot stage to widespread adoption. There’s a lot of AR information out there, but before people can really use it, it needs to be put into context and disseminated. The AREA can play a central role in that process, and as a professional communicator, I saw that as a great opportunity.

What sorts of content are you hoping to bring to the AREA?

From the enterprise perspective, we need to continue to deliver specific, practical information that helps accelerate adoption – technical dos and don’ts, but also business-focused content that identifies AR opportunities and supports organizations in arguing a business case for adoption. I’d also like to see more case studies of successful AR deployments, and more forward-looking, visionary content from the strategic thought leaders among our members. The more we can foster an open forum for sharing ideas, the more vibrant the AREA community will be – and that will benefit everyone.

Is there anything you would like to say to AREA members?

I’d like everyone – AR providers and enterprises – to know that I’m here to support them in bringing their ideas and experiences to the AREA. I’m available to explore story ideas, do interviews, and act as an editor to help them shape and deliver the content they’d like to share with other AREA members. I’d also like their feedback on what they value most about our content and what we can do better.

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