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The AREA invites experts to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on technologies, standards, case studies, trends and more. We encourage members and guest contributors to share their insights with a global audience, and roll back barriers to an efficient and information-rich workplace.

If you would like to submit contributions (whether blog articles or other deliverables) on other topics for our review, please submit by e-mail to the AREA editor.

Please note: the AR for Enterprise Alliance is dedicated to the adoption of Augmented Reality systems in enterprise to drive productivity gains in industrial and workplace environments. As such, we don’t promote consumer use cases for sales and marketing activities.

Suggested Topics

Topic Description
Member Interviews Promote your business and perspective on enterprise Augmented Reality by doing an interview with the AREA.
Industries with High Potential for AR A number of key industries are ripe for Augmented Reality, which is expected to boost efficiency and reduce costs.
Enabling Technologies Augmented Reality is not a technology; it’s a capability built atop a number of integrated technologies that come together to provide user experiences.
Case Studies Project case studies and lessons learned about AR implementations.
Reports & Trends Examples include industry trends, ROI and other financial estimates and project deployment tactics.

Useful Guides

To assist you in preparing contributed articles for publication on the AREA website, we have put together the following guides. We encourage you to read them and to send comments or questions to the AREA Editor.


Author Guidelines

This document provides helpful suggestions on getting started as an author, including choosing a topic, guidelines for your AREA profile and more.

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Media Submission and Release

This document offers information on media licensing and recommended parameters for images, logos and video.