Masters of Pie Wants to Hear About Your XR Collaboration Experiences and Plans

How much time does your organization spend – or expect to spend – in XR collaboration? AREA member Masters of Pie is conducting a research project to gauge the state of XR collaboration and would like your help. Simply complete and submit this survey – it’s only 10 questions long and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

The Masters of Pie team is especially interested in hearing from IT managers and C-level executives knowledgeable about the broad application of XR collaboration use cases across their businesses. They’re seeking input from leading companies in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing/engineering, construction, healthcare, defense, and energy. Even organizations that are just beginning to adopt immersive technologies are invited to participate.


To take part, please visit the survey site and submit your information by April 20. Thank you for helping further the AR ecosystem’s understanding of how XR collaboration is gaining traction.

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