Learn the Latest on AI in AR at the Free AREA/Augmentir Webinar on April 1st

Enterprise Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR/MR) have made great leaps in assisting frontline workers across industries by delivering information via wearable devices. The challenge for many organizations is how to get beyond one-time gains in productivity and create sustainable value with AR/MR.

Many industry observers believe the key is to combine AR/MR technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-driven visual guidance has the potential to continuously improve work outputs and lead to the exponential productivity gains industrial companies are looking for.

On Wednesday, April 1st at noon ET (9:00 PT/17:00 UK/18:00 CET) the AREA will host a webinar on the subject led by AREA member and Augmentir CEO and co-founder Russ Fadel. Mr. Fadel will explain how AI-enriched AR/MR experiences enable organizations to:

  • Empower frontline workers with personalized and dynamic work instructions to perform at their peak productivity
  • Close the skills gap by capturing tribal knowledge from experts and making that knowledge a scalable corporate asset
  • Deliver AI-based insights and recommendations based on human worker data to help drive continuous improvement across the entire organization – from operations to training to quality.

This webinar is free, but you must register to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how organizations are leveraging AI to supercharge their AR/MR initiatives and create sustainable value!

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