Addressing the Skills Gap and Improving Safety with Augmented Reality

Date of Event:

May 11 2022





Overview of event

On Wednesday, May 11, Ronn Englehart, Corporate Continuous Improvement Program Manager at IPG, will join Sarah Reynolds, VP Marketing, IoT & AR at PTC, to walk you through IPG’s people-focused approach to AR implementation and the real-world results, including improved safety, quality, and maintenance.

The retirement of expert employees, ongoing labor shortages, outdated training, high turnover, and a growing skills gap are creating an unsafe and untenable workforce situation for industrial manufacturers.

Enter Augmented Reality (AR), which overlays real-time information and remote expertise at the point of need via mobile device or headset, empowering employees at any skill level to train quickly, learn on the job, reduce errors, and more.

Using AR, packaging manufacturer Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) was able to create effective, engaging training experiences, standardize operating procedures, scale expertise, and recruit the next generation of workers.


  • Transitioning to AR-based skills development
  • Tips and tricks for a smooth implementation
  • Measuring the impact on yield, compliance, training time, etc.
  • Capturing expert knowledge for effective training content
  • Future of work: Enriching AR with IoT data
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